Shimano Vanquish FC

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Shimano Vanquish är ren och skär magi! Otroligt lätt rulle med lättviktsmekanism och oöverträffade egenskaper. Shimano teknologin du ser i nya Vanquish rullen har tidigare bara skådats i Stella rullar. Vad sägs om Magnumlite Rotor, InfinityDrive, InfinityLoop, InfinityXcross, X-Protect och Anti-Twist Fin för att nämna några finesser?

The lightness of the Vanquish comes from extensive use of Shimano?s exclusive Ci4+ composite material. This is enhanced by the addition of the Magnumlite Rotor, which also contributes to the incredibly low start-up inertia when winding. This slow start-up inertia is particularly important when fishing finesse and UL-techniques. You will be able to fish these techniques more precisely than ever. Shimano erased play in every component which further enhances the meticulous precision of the reel.

Another great benefit is the addition of InfinityDrive. This technology produces powerful yet lightweight rotation, especially under heavy loads. In extreme situations, you can still maintain constant, consistent cranking pressure which is very helpful when you hook that big one.

Adding InfinityLoop improves casting distance considerably. This will help you reach that interesting spot far out, even with a super lightweight set-up. Other advanced technologies, like InfinityXross, X-Protect and the Anti-Twist Fin contribute further to the remarkable technical performance of this reel.

If you don?t want to do any concessions in quality and performance in your ultra-light fishing gear, this is the reel you are looking for.

  • The lightest reel (like-for-like size) ever made by SHIMANO
  • Light rotation start-up and sensitive winding due to MGL Rotor
  • InfinityXross, HAGANE Gear, X-Ship, and Micromodule II Gear
  • InfinityLoop ultra slow line oscillation with InfinityDrive
  • Anti-Twist Fin for trouble-free line management
  • X-Protect technology gives high level water protection
Shimano Vanquish FC C2000S
Antal kullager:11+1
Linintag:69 cm
Linkapacitet:Mono 0.14-145/0.16-105/0.18-80
Maxbroms:3 kg
Vikt:145 g

Shimano Vanquish FC 2500S
Antal kullager:11+1
Linintag:75 cm
Linkapacitet:Mono 0.16-150/0.18-120/0.20-95
Maxbroms:4 kg
Vikt:165 g
Utväxling: 5.1:1 , 5.8:1
Rullstorlek: 2000 , 2500
Vevsida: Höger / Vänster
Antal kullager: 11+1
Maxbroms: 3 Kg , 4 Kg
Linkapacitet: Mono 0.14-145/0.16-105/0.18-80 , Mono 0.16-150/0.18-120/0.20-95
Vikt: 145 g , 165 g

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