Shimano Poison Adrena Spinning (haspel)

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Ett lyxigt fiskespö från Shimano till abborrfisket!
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Shimano Poison Adrena är ett otroligt fint fiskespö från Shimano med lyxig känsla från butt till topp! Det här är Shimanos ultimata high end-spö fullsmetat med de finaste komponenter du kan hitta. Detta ger ett otroligt lätt spö med bra prestanda som ser till att du landar din drömfisk. Det här är ett spö du inte kan gå fel med till abborrfisket!

Fullständig produkttext från Shimano:
Poison Adrena is Shimano’s ultimate high-end JDM rod range. Combining the most advanced Shimano carbon technology, with JDM philosophy, refinement and scintillating actions, the Poison Adrena also benefits from the latest UBD (Ultimate Blank Design) technology to produce unparalleled performance.

If you don’t, or won’t accept compromise in your fishing gear, you’ll immediately be attracted to the sensational Poison Adrena. It’s Shimano’s flagship spinning range, which say’s a lot, and you’ll immediately understand why when you see and feel this remarkable work of art. The lightness, sensitivity and hidden power are stunning, but it‘s the rods ability to recover so quickly when fishing that really stands out. Beautifully crisp and reassuringly predictable when casting, working lures and playing fish, the Poison Adrena takes performance to a completely different level of excellence.

Showcasing Shimano premium rod technologies, including the latest UBD (Ultimate Blank Design) philosophy, the Poison Adrena excels in all departments. The incorporation of Spiral X Core construction within the high modulus carbon blank provides the Poison Adrena with unparalleled strength, without sacrificing lightness, responsiveness or sensitivity. To further enhance performance a Full Carbon Monocoque handle, combined with an ergonomic Perfection CI4+ Reel Seat XT on casting models and Perfection CI4+ Reel Seat on spinning models, provides the ultimate lightweight ergonomic combination for maximum feedback. And as you would expect on a rod with such a high pedigree, Poison Adrena rods feature premium X guides to offer the ultimate in line management.
Spölängd, fot: 6'10'' ft , 7'0'' ft
Spölängd cm: 208 cm , 213 cm
Kastvikt Min: 2 g , 3 g
Kastvikt Max: 12 g
Vikt: 90 g , 92 g
Passande rulltyp: Haspelrulle
Spödelar: 2-delat
Material Handtag: Carbon
Klinga: High Modulus Full Carbon + Spiral X Core + Full Carbon Monocoque + Nanopitch
Aktion: Fast , Mod-Fast
Transportlängd: 107 cm , 112 cm

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