Shimano Metanium DC A

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Shimano flaggskeppsrulle i ny kostym för 2024 med uppgraderad kropp och komponenter för ännu bättre prestanda!
6599 kr
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Shimano Metanium DC är Shimanos flaggskepp när det kommer till multirullar. Nu i ny kostym för 2024 med Shimanos senaste och bästa komponenter för oslagbar prestanda.

Fullständig produkttext från Shimano:
The Metanium DC is the flagship model of the Shimano’s European Baitcasting range. Featuring Shimano’s very latest I-DC5 Intelligent Digital Control braking system, plus the latest HAGANE technology and advanced spool design and construction, it delivers tournament performance for the most advanced, highly skilled anglers.

The stunning Metanium DC is packed with Shimano’s very latest technology and is claimed by many top professional anglers to be the best of the best. If you are looking for a reel that has been designed and built without compromise, the Metanium DC is for you. Perfectly capable of casting a wide variety of lures, from small jig heads of 5g up to 30g plus crankbaits, it takes full advantage of the most advanced Shimano digital braking system (I-DC5) for flawless casting performance, complementing your angling skill and ability.

It is remarkable how much technology has been packed into the Metanium DC. The super lightweight Core Solid HAGANE frame is crafted from magnesium and sits perfectly in the hand, balancing the most advanced rods to perfection. Inside the body there are 10+1 ultra high quality bearings, Infinity Drive, MicroModule Gearing and X-SHIP support, which seamlessly combine to deliver the silky smooth, powerful winding associated with Shimano’s best reels. The advanced Magnumlite III spool is built from Ultra Duraluminium and has Silent Tune technology for bearing stabilisation and reduced vibration. Casting is controlled by the very latest I-DC5 system. This enables you to set the casting brake for the type of line you are using and also the size of lure, from large to light finesse (plus an additional friction free) offering fantastic, trouble free, automatic casting control at the turn of a dial. This technology is exclusive to Shimano and enhances casting performance to levels of precision rarely seen. Finally, when hooked up to a fish, you can be sure the new Cross Carbon Drag washers will deliver awesome fish-playing performance like no other reel.

Utväxling: 6.2:1 , 7.1:1 , 8.1:1
Rullstorlek: 70
Vevsida: Höger , Vänster
Antal kullager: 10+1
Maxbroms: 5 Kg
Linkapacitet: 100m/0.28mm
Vikt: 180 g

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